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"I have attended two of Sharik's instructional seminars and have come away with information that has helped me both personally and professionally. His background and knowledge of the body and its function, including a depth of understanding in anatomy and physiology, is of great benefit to a course for a massage therapist. The techniques for headaches, TMJ, and other head and neck pain were of particular value to me in my practice."

                                                                                                        Beverly Carroll, LMT

Welcome to Rezzimax™

“Pain Relief, Beyond Belief”

Rezzimax Therapy has been valuable for relief from migraines/severe headaches, anxiety, depression, low back pain, sciatica & many other forms of chronic pain.




Learn why Rezzimax Therapy is being used by professionals everywhere to eliminate TMJ/TMD pain. Learn why pain and tension in the jaw is a major component of chronic headaches.



Meet Physical Therapist Sharik Peck and his wife Cheryl, developers of the Rezzimax Therapy tools & techniques to alleviate chronic pain.





We will keep you updated with new techniques as they are researched and developed, along with personal testimonials.